Friday, December 19, 2008

Pegasus at Medusa

Revolting Queers, my FAVORITE MPLS queer activist group is throwing their monthly party PEGASUS tonight at the art space MEDUSA. Below is a line-up from an email sent earlier today. Clearly, I'm a total mess thinking about the fun I'm missing...

Becky as Roseanne doing the national anthem

Act one of the Nativity: The virgin Mary has sexual relations with the
village. This scene will include my trusty donkey and whoever else
wants to spread their seed

Act two: Your personal Jesus. Birth. This scene will include Jamez
shinning brightly, Scotty as Joseph, Peat as a Goat. Bethany as a
Donkey People as Shepherds, the magical Angel Walter.

Act three: Take it off for Jesus. Jamez leads the three kings to the
stage, they present their gifts, it cuts to Grace Jones and then the
clothes come off. Ryan, Warr and Jarred are the kings.

Act four: Jesus isn't so holy. pudding, spoon beatings, diapers

act five: Jack's Christmas dance. Jack make sure you bring a cd

Act six: Orange glitter, Eric's magical surprise

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