Friday, December 19, 2008

Radical Queer Conference

Yeah! Midwest Queers are making it happen. Bash Back has just announced a national RadiQueer conference. See below. Any NYC queers wanna gather to make our presence felt?

Announcing: National Radical Queer Convergence May 28th-31st
December 19, 2008, 12:29 am
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Anarcha-Queers! Trannies! Fairies! Perverts! Sex-Workers! Sex-Radicals!

Bash Back! is ecstatic to announce a national radical queer
convergence to take place in Chicago, May 28th through May 31st of 2009!
We’re pleased to invite all radical queers to join us for a weekend of
debauchery and mischief. The last weekend of May will prove to be four solid days of workshops, discussions, performances, games, dancing and street action!

We’ll handle the food and the housing. Ya’ll bring the orgy, riot,
and decadence!

We’re looking for folks to facilitate discussions, put on workshops, organize caucuses, share games, tell stories, get heavy in some theory, or bottom-line a dance party. More specifically we’re looking for
workshops themed around queer and trans liberation, anti-racism, confronting patriarchy, sex work, ableism, self defense, DIY mental and sexual health, radical history, pornography, or queer theory. We are also looking for copious amounts of glitter, safer sex products, zines, home-made sex toys, balaclavas, pink and black flags, sequins, bondage gear, rad porn, flowers, strap-ons, and assorted dumpstered goodies. You down?

To RSVP, volunteer for a workshop, get more information, or send us dirty pictures:

email -

and check out - BashBackNews.WordPress.Com

Lubing up the social war,
Bash Back!

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