Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trans activist freezes to death

reposted from houston indymedia

Equality Texas mourns the death of Jennifer Gale
by Equality Texas Saturday, Dec. 20, 2008 at 11:29 AM

December 18, 2008 - Equality Texas mourns the death of Jennifer Gale, a 47-year-old transgender homeless woman who died yesterday. Jennifer's body was found Wednesday morning. She was lying in an outdoor walkway at the First English Lutheran Church in Central Austin.

A perennial candidate for public office in Austin and Dallas, Jennifer's notoriety came through years of putting herself in the public eye. She took a shot at nearly every city office, from council seats, to the mayor's office. She never won, but in 2004, Gale came closer than ever, winning more than 38 percent of the vote for a seat on the Austin ISD School Board.

Jennifer’s voice rang through Austin Council Chamber doors every week, often times in support of the homeless population of which she was a part. "Let's give the homeless a place to exercise that need jobs and need help," said Gale Tuesday night before the city’s Health Services Board.

Her death points to critical problems faced by the homeless, and especially by homeless women and the transgender homeless. “Jennifer most nights slept outdoors,” said Austin Mayor Will Wynn. “Jennifer, we believe, is the 136th person who has died sleeping on the streets (of Austin) over the last 12 months.”

Marti Bier, policy aide for Austin City Council Member Randi Shade, said, "Something Jennifer would never talk about, but was a reality for her, is that she is a transwoman living in a transphobic society. Homelessness in the trans-community is a really big problem, and one that goes ignored. There are no laws in Texas protecting transgender people, whether from job discrimination, housing discrimination or hate crimes. There was really nowhere for Jennifer Gale to go to protect herself from the cold last night. The Salvation Army (the only shelter in town that takes in women) would not let her in there unless she was grouped with the men (which includes sleeping with, and showering with, other homeless men). They would make her use her male birth name and completely disregard, and disrespect, her identity as a trans-woman. There is so much to be learned from Jennifer Gale, and so much to be worked on in our community."

Equality Texas, the Transgender Education Network of Texas, and City of Austin officials are now working together to address changes in policy, or enforcement of existing policy, that might prevent another tragic loss of life. The City of Austin's non-discrimination ordinance is inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity with regard to employment and public accommodations. The ordinance includes certain religious and private club exemptions, which will be reviewed for applicability to the delivery of shelter services for the homeless.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 is a year of plenty

Hey kittens,

Back from break and feeling so good, feeling so right. Let's start things off with my favorite youtube clip I saw over the holiday as posted by the dreamy David Michael

2009 is the Year of the Ox. So says Wikipedia, so says I - "the Ox is unswervingly patient, tireless in their work, and capable of enduring any amount of hardship without complaint." In honor of the Ox, the crew has already hit the ground running.

This Saturday, Mr. Pam is hosting the Barter-Mart-Craft-Swap-Thrif-O-Rama, ringing in the tidings of our new Gift Economy. For inspiration, check out the unparalleled Sarah Sandman. We've been developing a collaborative essay, which will be one of our trading chips at the bartering table (but we'll probably just give it out). If you'd like to attend Mr. Pam's Wild Ride, holler at me and I'll send details.

Also, Scot and I have locked in the First Wednesdays of the month for Really?, Bushwick's first queer night at Northeast Kingdom. Keep your eyes peeled for facebook and myspace links.

Lotsa other secret plans in the works. Time for the ox to get back to work.