Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tuesday Night - Pull it Together

I know what you're going to say. It's a Tuesday night. You're broke and there's no way you can be out that late. Snooze Cruise people. Seriously. This sort of attitude is exactly why New York City is way more boring than it used to be. Don't succumb to the dick-wads! It's time for Tuesday Rage!

You HAVE to go to at least on of these two events, if not both. They will change your life.


at Death by Audio
My sweaty memories of Skoal Kodiak are numerous and fuzzy, voted by me to be the best Minneapolis band since the Replacements and/or Husker Du. This kid Marcus is a genius who creates this series of weird touch sensor pads in a empty Clorox bleach bottle that he sings into. It's dancy, noisy, filthy, sludgy, and will absolutely make you lose your mind.

They used to play at The Church in Minneapolis, a huge, beautiful, decaying church where a bunch of bike punks and art kids lived, made noise, and played badminton. Before they finally tore it down, the bestest farewell party in the whole world was had, headlined by Skoal Kodiak. My crew, the Revolting Queers, sent off the Church in classic style - Victorian drag, thongs, and water balloons down the pants of unsuspecting straight kids. The evening ended as you would expect, me in denim booty shorts pulling yards of taffeta out of Jerry's jammed-up bike gears.

Anyway, I digress - GO SEE SKOAL KODIAK.


evening at the Cock (celebrating 10th anniversary)

Kevin Aviance, Ericka Toure Aviance, (AND YOU!) as Grace Jones

I know, right? So sweet! The Cock is turning 10. What better way to celebrate 10 years of indiscretions and amazing music than with an evening celebrating Ms Jones, presented by the man who gave you "Feeling Cunty."

This will be a late one, but sometimes, we must be weary to know that we are still fighting.


arielariel said...

hi this is ariel! fun to see you two steppin. i'm adding you to my blog reader. see you around! xo.

bs said...

what is this!?!
Am I the last to know about your blog?
Please do not hide your light under a bushel...