Sunday, December 7, 2008

Queer Economies

So the US unemployment rate hit 6.7%, with major job losses in November.

Learn about how the economy is gonna get even worse from Obama on Meet the Press.

While I'd like to avoid international financial deterioration as much as the next fellow, I can't help but be emboldened by the innovative discussions I've been having
regarding the ways in which we can re-envision new collectivist economies. Here's a couple ideas we've been batting about.

It's hardly a new idea, but I desperately want to create some new opportunities for a barter economy. I also want more opportunities for delicious, low-cost cocktails. Picture it: a space for you to bring your goods and services to trade with others. And a space for tasty, adult beverages. I serve as both bartender and barter-tender. And while craigslist has set the tone for this sort of exchange, nothing beats in person, slightly inebriated haggling. Who's in?

Kredit Kidz
Basically, we'd gather a collective to throw in a small amount of money to join, and then a monthly pittance to maintain and grow the pot. A designated group would oversee any applications to join the group, and requests for interest-free loans from members of the collective. Loans would be granted based on need, ability to pay back, and size of the request.

I'm sure there would be lots of by-laws that could be written and mindless paperwork to fill out.

Kredit Kidz will be a sort of credit union. So it's not that Krazy of an idea. Except ours will be sexy, have fun parties, offer whopee cushions when you join, and encourage clothing optional Fridays.

Also, I don't think you can just get any old loan for any old thing with Kredit Kidz. You either REALLY need to have it, or it's for something REALLY awesome, and to start, you couldn't take out too much money.

Think less Individual needs ($10000 for a car), and more repayable collective good ($500 to throw a fun party which could be paid back thru beer sales). I think part of Kredit Kidz is responsible lending. You shouldn't have stuff you don't need that takes 10 years to pay back. That's why I have shitty credit. And that's why I need (and love) Kredit Kidz.

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